Best Online Guitar Lessons

If you're looking for the most effective and fun online guitar lessons you're in the right place

While most online guitar lessons focus on drowning you with 1,000s lessons
the Guitar GPS Method focuses what matters and guiding you on what to practice next. 

What Makes The Guitar GPS Method Different?

Beyond mere video lessons, The Guitar GPS method is gamified so you get points
 for developing your skills and proficiency.

This way you'll always know exactly where you're at
 and how everything is coming together.

  • Easily learn full songs in minutes not months
  • Master rhythm & timing
  • Understand how music works
  • Unlock the Fretboard
  • Play and understand solos
  • Solo in any key
  • Break out of box position
  • Shred 600+ notes per min

And much much more!

It's never been easier to learn guitar online