Get KILLER online guitar lessons and training in the comfort of your OWN HOME at the FRACTION of the cost of in-person lessons! 

What makes our online guitar courses different is the drills, the order, and the methodology is the result of what we have tested with real learners in - person for over 12yrs! 

Check out a few of the courses we have available for purchase below
All courses come with a 30day money back guarantee!

Rookies To Rockstars

Difficulty: 🎸
Rookies To Rockstars is designed to help you learn and master your basic chords while simultaneously building other critical skills such as: rhythm, technique, aural skills, and theory and more! This is a power house course and everything a beginning guitar player needs with over 6 modules, 5.5hrs of video content, 54 videos42 audio Kickstart Tracks.

Bar Chord Training

Difficulty: 🎸🎸🎸
Bar Chord Training is designed to help you   master your physical ability to smoothly play bar chords and help you  understand whats going on underneath the hood. You'll get more in-depth theory to further enhance your understanding of music as well as develop your fretboard knowledge, rhythm skills, aural skills and more! 
5 modules, 21 trainings, & 4hrs of video content

Finger Fitness For Guitar

Difficulty: 🎸 🎸
Finger Fitness For Guitar is designed to get your hands, rhythm and ear synced up. Perfect if your fingers hurt, wrists ache, or if your hands just wont do what you want them to do. Forget looking up endless finger exercises for guitar... You just need the RIGHT technique and RIGHT exercises. By the end of this course you'll be able to play with a metronome and play 400-500 notes per minute in a variety of context with scales. 

Rhythm Guitar Mastery

Difficulty: 🎸🎸
Rhythm Guitar Mastery is designed to help you get past the basic / boring strum patterns and spice up your rhythm guitar playing. In Rhythm Guitar Mastery you'll learn how to make your chords come alive with arpeggios.  3 modules over 4hrs of video content, and 20 trainings by the time you finish this course you'll have totally upgraded your rhythm guitar skills and knowledge!