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How To Play Guitar Better Than You Ever Thought Possible Even If... You're Brand New or Have Failed Miserably In The Past

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Complete system for learning & mastering the electric guitar that is unlike any guitar method you have ever seen. Rigorously tested for over 10 years and proven to get world class results.  

**No more wasting your time & money on methods that don't work or spinning your wheels with disorganized guitar teachers.

Expert Guidance: Imagine what your progress would be like if you got the pin pointed training of an expert who also has a 30,000ft view for how to get you to where you want in the quickest way possible?

** No more wasting your valuable time (or money) trying to figure it out on your own or paying for mediocre lessons. 

Become A Killer Guitar Player

Here's the truth… Becoming a killer guitar player is actually easier than you think. The tricky part is that there's 1,000's of ways to mess it up. 

At SLC Guitar we've mapped out the process and make it easy to become the great guitar player you want. 

Using our unique approach called Multi-Dimensional Guitar Training, we'll build your skills, knowledge, and even creativity skills in many areas so that you progress in a well rounded way. 

** No more hitting plateaus or getting held back because you have holes and gaps in your playing or musicianship. 

** Note, we specialize in ROCK, BLUES, and HEAVY METAL genres.  If you are looking for singer/songwriter, country, or jazz lessons we may not be a good fit. 

We Will Train You To Become A Killer Musician & Guitar Player

Beginners Guitar Lessons | SLC Guitar

Beginners Guitar Lessons

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INT / ADV Electric Guitar Lessons
** Rock / Metal Genres ONLY


Tyler G. (Shadowseer) gives his review of guitar lessons at SLC Guitar 

Check out Milica (10yrs old) shred  700+ notes per min and improvise off the top of her head (after only 1.5 yrs!!)

Randy demonstrates his creativity on a solo he rewrote for "Photograph" by Def Leppard


I'm not sure which guitar is best to start on. Can you help?

Is it better to start on the acoustic guitar before the electric?

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Am I too old to learn how to play the guitar?

How much does it cost?

How does this compare to music lessons at my kids school?

I've tried professional lessons before. How will guitar lessons at SLC Guitar be different?

How do these lessons compare to what I can find online?

Can you teach me to learn songs by ear?

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