Make 10x the progress in the comfort of your own home for LESS than an average guitar teachers hourly rate

I've taken my proven guitar method that simultaneously builds your SKILLS, your KNOWLEDGE, and your CREATIVITY and turned them into fun gamified courses
that will track your progress and how all your skills are developing so you know EXACTLY what to do next to get better.  

Multi - Dimensional Training

Connect the dots as you develop your SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE and CREATIVITY all at the same time.  And be TRAINED through the process so nothing is left to chance!

Progress & Proficiency Tracking

Know EXACTLY where you're at and what the next step is to get better. This takes all the guess work out and prevents you from slow progress and frustration caused by lack of clarity!

Reports Dashboard

Get points for developing all your various skills, check your reports to see how your skills are developing and where your strengths & weaknesses lie!

Leveled Courses

All courses & lessons are leveled so you know where to start. Reach higher levels and new content will be introduced / unlocked so you learn the right stuff in the right order and avoid the frustration of skipping steps!

Learn Fun Songs

Instead of mindless finger drills to stretch or strengthen your hands, you'll develop all your core skills and knowledge as you learn fun songs! (The FULL song not just intros!)

 Feedback Support

Join like minded guitarist, get your questions answered, get feedback on your playing, and never feel like you're on your own trying to figure it all out!