Make 10x the progress in the comfort of your own home for LESS than an average guitar teachers hourly rate

Did you know, the #1 reason that players make slow progress, get frustrated and lose motivation - is they simply don't know what to practice next? 

I've taken my proven guitar method that builds your SKILLS, your KNOWLEDGE, and your CREATIVITY and turned them into fun gamified courses.

Holistic Learning

Develop your SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE and CREATIVITY all at the same time in a complete holistic approach. Say goodbye to bad habits, holes, and gaps that hold you back!

Progress & Proficiency Tracking

Gain perfect clarity on where you're at and what the exact next step is to get better. Never get lost in the details again as Guitar GPS takes all the guess work out of what to practice next!

Reports Dashboard

Get points for developing all your various skills, check your reports to see how all your skills are developing and where your strengths & weaknesses lie!

Leveled Courses

Progress through a leveled system of courses. Unlock new concepts and avoid the common pitfall of skipping steps or learning concepts out of order. 

Learn Full Songs

If you can't play full songs you'll quickly lose motivation. Our unique way of teaching songs will make learning FULL songs easy!

Feedback Support

Join like-minded guitarists, get your questions answered, and never feel like you're on your own trying to figure it all out!

It's never been easier to learn guitar online