Online & In-Person Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons for all ages & styles

Online & In-Person Guitar Lessons

We offer guitar lessons for modern styles such as: rock, metal, blues, & pop
Online & In-Person Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons for all ages & styles

Online & In-Person Guitar Lessons

We offer guitar lessons for modern styles such as: rock, metal, blues, & pop
Online & In-Person Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons for all ages & styles

Online & In-Person Guitar Lessons

We offer guitar lessons for modern styles such as: rock, metal, blues, & pop
  • Proven guitar method that gets results FAST
  • Structured guitar lessons that makes progress EASY
  • Innovative guitar programs that makes learning FUN

Why SLC Guitar is Salt Lake City's #1 choice for guitar lessons

We are a family friendly guitar school

In order to keep our students, staff, and teachers safe, we've taken many precautions such as glass windows on lesson room doors, security cameras in all rooms as well as exterior of school, and an open door policy for parents. Which means, parents are invited to hang out in our comfortable waiting room or even sit in on their child's lesson any time they want. 

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10 Benefits Of Becoming An Academy Student

Adult Guitar lessons salt lake city

1. Expert instruction for all skill levels

Whether you're just getting started or have been playing for while and are stuck in a rut having a top level guitar coach in your corner is critical. We are masters at guitar and the art and science for how to teach so you get the results you are hoping for. We'll set you up for success at every angle and guide you through the process to play guitar like you've always dreamed of. 

2. Multiple Teaching Program & formats

At SLC Guitar we have many innovative programs for learning guitar that all center around you having fun and getting amazing results. 

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3. Professional environment with a comfortable waiting Room & Free Wi-fi

Instead of wandering around in a music store or dropping your kid off at a strangers house our students enjoy a comfortable waiting room where you can hang out while your kid is in his/her lesson, or use our speedy Wi-Fi to get some work done.  We also provide large observation windows on every door so you can watch your child's lessons while you wait.  For adult students you can also get warmed up before your lesson. 

4. World Class Guitar Method

Preston, (the owner) having gone through 11 guitar teachers as a kid found most teachers either use boring method books or are extremely disorganized and just wing it each lesson... At SLC Guitar we've developed our own teaching pedagogy called Multi-Dimensional Guitar Training where we'll build your SKILLS, your KNOWLEDGE and your CREATIVITY. We've  developed our own LEVELED curriculum and tested it for over 10 years and the consistent results we are getting with students is incredible. 

5. Flexible Scheduling

With our unique programs we've also built in convenience of scheduling lessons. This is perfect for adults who's job has irregular ours or for parents who need some flexibility with managing kids's schedules. 

6. Proven Track Record of Excellence since 2010

Visit our reviews page to see what our students are saying and watch them play! We've had many great success stories of players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a total beginner without a musical bone in your body or you've been stuck at your current level for years we can help you.  We are so proud of our students and are happy they chose SLC Guitar to help them in their guitar journey. 

SLC Guitar Lessons and Performances
Guitar Lessons for kids SLC

7. Opportunities to earn FREE Guitar Lessons 

At SLC Guitar we like to find fun ways to reward our students who are putting in the effort and working hard.  We also know that our guitar parents want their kids to develop critical life skills in their youth that will serve them as they grow up. Why not find fun simple ways to instill these life skills and positive mindsets with something THEY want to do?

8. Full Time Instructors 

If you had a tooth ache would you go to a professional dentist or a mechanic who does a bit of dentistry on the side? 😅

At SLC Guitar we are full time professional guitar teachers and don't teach "on the side" splitting our time with other professions.  Taking guitar lessons from an expert will save you A LOT of time and money. 

9. Most technological advanced Guitar school in Utah

Technology is a big part of the lessons and method at SLC Guitar. In fact, we have spent 10's of thousands of dollars developing our own custom software that all students get access to for free when they enroll.  

With "normal" guitar lessons, the student is left on their own until their next lesson. What happens if they have a question? Are doing things wrong?
Forget what to do? 

With guitar lessons at SLC Guitar you'll get great instruction then you can go home and access your lessons (and more) our GAMIFIED ONLINE STUDENT AREA.
  • Access lessons anywhere you have an internet connection  (mobile friendly)
  • Play along with audio PRACTICE TRACKS at various speeds (to develop your EAR, RHYTHM, and technique)
  • Ask questions on our forum or upload videos for feedback
  • Watch videos and get DETAILED MISSIONS for what you are to practice and accomplish
  • GET POINTS for developing various skill types
  • See a detailed report for how all your skills are developing in your REPORTS DASHBOARD
  • And so much more!

This resource is so incredible we've even had students tell us that the online system alone is more effective and more fun than guitar lessons with their previous private instructor!

10. Located in Murray / Holladay

With our central location in the valley, our school is convenient to all areas in Salt Lake City. Close to the school is Walmart, Starbucks, as well as many shops in the Ivy Place Shopping Village. Our location also has easy access from Van Winkle and plenty of parking. We've also had students travel as far as Farmington, Park City, Wendover, and Price. 

Meet The Owner

Preston Howard has played guitar for over 22 years, had 11 guitar teachers, is part of a global community of music school owners, and is the founder and President of SLC Guitar. 

Struggling immensely to learn that guitar from boring method books to disorganized teachers, Preston has spent countless hours developing his own unique method and testing it in the "real world" with students of all ages and skill levels.  

"If you're just starting or have been stuck in a rut for years I am 100% confident I can not only help you learn guitar - but I can help you excel at it beyond what you ever thought possible." - Preston Howard

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