The Process

The Guitar Player Success Path

Your GPS To Guitar Playing Success

  • clarity

    1. CLARITY

    At this stage you may feel overwhelmed with

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    where to start or what you need to do NOW to start getting better.

    If you have some experience already you may even be stuck, going in circles, playing the same things over and over… Our number one focus is getting you clarity on:

    • 1. Where you are at
    • 2. Where you want to go
    • 3. What you need to do RIGHT NOW to start getting better
  • calibration


    At this stage you have gained some clarity both in what you want

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    to achieve long term and what you need to do to begin making progress.

    You’re in the process of establishing a rock solid foundation across many areas of your musicianship, filling in the missing pieces, and are putting the pieces in place for total guitar mastery.

  • cranking


    At this stage you have built a solid foundation across many areas and

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    have fixed / prevented the majority of your bad habits and problems that were holding you back.

    You are now in the process of developing your chops and digging your roots in. At this stage you don’t need more information, you don’t need the next promise of instant awesomeness you just need to put your head down and do the work. Here is where you EARN your guitar greatness.

  • competence


    At this stage you have become competent in virtually

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    every area of your guitar playing and can “keep” up with about anyone. You’re confident in your skills, proud of how far you’ve come but you aren’t “there” yet. However you are having SO much fun with your guitar playing and everyone has taken notice.

  • crushing


    At this stage you are reaping the fruits of your labors.

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    You are so damn good and make everything look so easy. People often say you are “gifted” or have “natural talent” but really they have no idea how hard you have worked to earn your skills.

    You are so proud of yourself for not only achieving what you once thought impossible but also for not giving up when things got hard along the way and no one can take that away. Yes, there is still more to learn but that’s partly what makes it so fun!

    You are an inspiration to other guitar players and inspire others to learn.

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