The Method

At SLC Guitar we have developed our own world class training system called

Multi-Dimensional Guitar Training 

Multi-Dimensional Guitar Training is a revolutionary guitar training method that uses the very best methods to build your SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, and CREATIVITY
in many areas and contexts 


Basically, It’s like a full body work out

But For Guitar!

Cool.... Why Does This Even Matter?

Because the way most guitar players approach learning the guitar actually PREVENTS them from achieving what they want

For Example: 

  • They unknowingly only develop a few areas of their musicianship. (like going to the gym to get in shape but continuing to eat Twinkies all night) mmm Twinkies...
  • They unknowingly skip steps when developing new skills & knowledge (Like skipping elementary school and starting in 6th grade and getting confused and frustrated)
  • They unknowingly use ineffective and inefficient methods and strategies (like the players who spend most of their practice time doing finger exercises hoping one day they'll be able to play solos or understand music) 
  • They lack CLARITY on where they are in their playing and what they need to do to get better (like wanting to go on a road trip but they don't know where they are or where they want to go)
  • They scour the internet for information yet it never occurs to them that the secret lies in that they need ORGANIZED information and they need to be TRAINED through the process.  

Does any of that sound familiar to you?

Not only does MULTI - DIMENSIONAL GUITAR TRAINING solve the problems
that plague aspiring guitar players it makes it so easy to get better! 

Where Does Your Method Come From?

Multi-Dimensional Guitar Training is the result of 10+ years and 5,000+ hours of face to face teaching experience with REAL students of all ages and backgrounds
at my guitar school. 
(plus 20yrs+ of my own guitar playing)

It is the result of studying for years and working with top professionals on how the brain learns, how coordination is developed, what are the BEST methods for learning & mastering music, what are the best techniques and strategies for how to assimilate knowledge and skills into learners,  how emotion and beliefs effect learning etc etc. 

It's taking all this and testing what works and what DOESN'T work with "normal" everyday learners and making the necessary tweaks and changes to optimize results.  And ultimately turning those discoveries into a system that's fun and engaging that provides the quickest results both NOW and sets the learner up for mastery in the future. 

What Multi -Dimensional Guitar Training Is NOT

  • Our version of the same thing that everyone else does 
  • Superficial / generic training where we just skim the top never getting to the REAL stuff 
  • One dimensional approach where we just focus on one aspect of your development (moving your fingers)
  • Disorganized, random, and lacking in foresight or the nitty gritty details 
  • A bunch of knowledge without any practical application

I could keep going but you get the point...

Check a few time line progress videos to see how student progress

(Note, the students ability to "play" the guitar is just the tip of the iceberg of their overall musical knowledge, skills, and creative abilities. 

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