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Tyler G.

Brooke B. 

Kaden W. 

Julia W. 

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Drew C.

At My Initial Consultation I Knew I'd found it

I’ve had my guitar for about ten years and in that time had only learned a handful of chords and how to “noodle” through a few simple melodies. Learning just the basics online was a tedious process and not very rewarding. I could mimic what I was seeing, but didn’t fully understand what I was doing.

 When I had questions I found myself just getting lost on forums and how to websites. I needed guidance from someone who could actually see and give feedback on how I was playing.

I’d taken lessons with two other guitar instructors who, while they were great guitarists, were terrible teachers. No lesson plans, no practice structure, and I never got to play music I actually liked. I was frustrated. I knew there had to be something better out there.

At my initial consultation with Preston I knew I’d found it.  Through lessons with SLC guitar I’ve not only learned to play some of my favorite songs, but am also learning how music works. This is so important if you want to go beyond playing few songs and get creative or jam out with a group.

If you’re looking for an instructor you want a great guitarist AND someone who can teach. Preston shreds like a master, but he’s also a first class music teacher. He’s 100% dedicated to showing you the whole picture – the what’s, why’s, and how’s of music and guitar, so you can learn to play how YOU want!

Corissa H.  //  Guitar Student

I Think SLC Guitar Is Awesome

"I think SLC Guitar is awesome. On the first day i was nervous. I didn't know anyone but as I keep going I started making new friends and i learned lots of guitar stuff like chords, music, scales, exercises, rhythm, and other stuff." 

Bryan V.  //  Guitar Student

Justin C. 

Victoria K.

Gary A. 

You won't find a better way to learn the guitar or better teacher to help you meet your goals.

"The improvement I made in just the first month was light years ahead of anything I had previously learned and leaps snd bound ahead of anything I expected." "Preston makes learning easy and fun in a no judgement environment. He puts things in a specific order and teaches them in a way that makes sense so that the optics connect to each other. You understand why you are learning specific skills and how to use those skills later on. You're held accountable to do your part, he teaches everything including how to practice, so that you progress succeed and get the most from the work you put in. If you of you are thinking about picking up the guitar or you are tired of spinning your willings learning on your own call SLC Guitar. If you're serious about it and ready to do your part you won't find a better way to learn the guitar or better teacher to help you meet your goals."

Nathan M.  //  Guitar Student

I noticed an improvement right from the start

Preston really took the time to understand where I was at and what my goals were and he helped me to plot out a road map of how to go through and achieve those goals. From the first lesson he gave me an assignment and 2 weeks later he recorded me and I could play it without the sheet music, so right from the start I could see the improvements. I can now play 7 songs and 13 chords!

Tim R.  //  Guitar Student

Already I've seen break throughs after 2 months

I was very impressed with his free introductory lessons. I was a bit anxious and insecure as I was not able to really play. Already I have seen some breakthroughs (after only 2 months). I did not anticipate that this could happen this quickly. I am realizing and excited with the progress of the lesson and confident that if I am diligent and patient that Preston can help me accomplish my goal of learning to be a good guitar player.

I highly recommend him to anyone at any level who wants to improve. I have the confidence that Preston with his teaching strategy and skills can help you accomplish all you want.

** On a personal note, he’s a good guy and very friendly and easy to be with.”

Bob B  //  Guitar Student

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