Get KILLER online guitar lessons and musical training in the comfort of your OWN HOME at the FRACTION of the cost of private lessons 

What makes online guitar courses at SLC Guitar different is that the lessons, the drills, and the methodology has been TESTED with REAL learners of all ages and skill levels at our local guitar school for over 10+yrs!

We know what works and how to build your skills so that getting better at guitar is fun and easy!  

*** All courses are getting A MASSIVE update soon. Videos have been Re-recorded, new trainings added, AND we are moving to a new platform that will provide a better learning experience. As a result there may be some price increases. 

Get any of our coursers now and we'll upgrade your account with all the new trainings totally free when we move to the new platform!

Ultimate Chord Training 2.0
Just released 100% new version

Difficulty: 🎸
Ultimate Chord Training is designed to help you learn and master your basic chords while simultaneously building and integrating many other skills such as: rhythm, technique, ear, and theory. This is a power house course and everything a beginning guitar player needs with over 6 modules, 5.5hrs of video content, 54 videos, 42 audio Kickstart Tracks. 

Rhythm Guitar Mastery

Rhythm Guitar Mastery Course

Difficulty: 🎸🎸
Rhythm Guitar Mastery is designed to help you get past the basic / boring strum patterns and spice up your rhythm guitar playing. In Rhythm Guitar Mastery you'll learn how to make your chords come alive with 3 modules over 4hrs of video content, and 20 trainings by the time you finish this course you'll have totally upgraded your rhythm guitar skills and knowledge!

Finger Fitness For Guitar

Difficulty: 🎸 🎸
Finger fitness for Guitar is designed to fix the technical side of your playing ONCE AND FOR ALL. If your fingers hurt, wrists ache, or if your hands just wont do what you want them to do. this is EXACTLY what you've been looking for.  Forget looking up endless finger exercises for guitar... You just need the RIGHT technique and RIGHT exercises. By the end of this course you'll be able to play with a metronome and play 400-500 notes per minute in a variety of context.

Bar Chord Training

Digital Image of Bar Chord Training Course By SLC Guitar

Difficulty: 🎸🎸🎸
Bar Chord Training is designed to not just help you   master your physical ability to play bar chords but to help you really understand whats going on underneath the hood.  Picking up where Ultimate Chord Training leaves off you'll get more in-depth theory to further enhance your understanding of music as applied to bar chords. 5 modules, 21 trainings, & 4hrs of video content