What Is SLC Guitar

SLC Guitar is a guitar school in Salt Lake City, Utah that specializes in transforming average guitar players into great guitar players in the styles of rock, blues, and heavy metal.

SLC Guitar was founded in 2010 by Preston Howard and since that time he has a massed over 5000+ hrs of hands on teaching experience and taken that experience and developed innovative teaching programs and formats to get students results while making the process fun and engaging. 

Our Mission

Our mission at SLC Guitar is it to provide world class guitar teaching and training to help aspiring players learn and master the electric guitar in the quickest way possible. 

About Preston Howard (owner)

Early Life

Preston grew up in a small farming community in rural eastern Idaho and began playing guitar after a friend brought his electric guitar school and played some Metallica. He was hooked, and after much convincing his parents let him buy his first guitar with money he earned from working in Potato Harvest... 

Growing up in a family that played sports music did not come easy. In fact, his child hood friends told him to quit guitar because he sucked so bad. Coordination, rhythm, ear, theory, everything...

Over the years he went through 11 different guitar instructors (plus 2 college professors). Anything from the lady who would sing "Kumbaya" in her basement, to the college kid trying to earn a few extra bucks to support his crappy band, to guys with college degrees to players who played with X famous player.

The problem was some teachers couldn't play at a very high level (and thus didn't know the path to becoming a good player) or they could but they didn't understand learning process. Teaching and playing are 2 different skills sets after all.   

How SLC Guitar Was Born

In fall of 2010 sick of his day job (door to door sales) he decided to pursue teaching guitar because of the massive amount of knowledge he had gained on the subject and because a he thought he could offer a better service than the low standard of guitar instruction that is so common in the industry.  

Problem was he had NO idea how to: 

Start a business, run a business, manage a business, market a business, oh and he had never taught guitar before. 

After 2 yrs of trying to get his business going it never really took off... So frustrated, he up and quit his day job, lived off his credit card, and knocked on peoples doors for guitar lessons...

Since that time he has worked obsessively creating, developing, testing, tweaking, and perfecting his method that is purely based on what works in the real world with real people which he calls Multi - Dimensional Guitar Training.

Personal Life

When not working or playing guitar, Preston enjoy's reading, fitness, snowboarding, riding his motorcycle, and anything else that's super badass. 


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